City mobile Media

Taxi top or Car top is a new place for media advertising! It is more flexiable than other traditional advertising and no need to pay high cost to get a fixed advertising place. What's more, Taxi top led screen can move arround to anywhere that Taxi will go! Innoviled has developed the InnoTaxi series, only focus on Taxi top Media, cover the pixel pitch into 4mm, 5mm and 6mm; it is waterproof, high brightness and user friendly.

Why InnoTaxi series for city mobile media advertising?

  • Double sidesDouble side full color led screen with high resolution, high brightness

  • Reliability - Durable and anti-shock, IP65 waterproof,SMD technology with big viewing angle

  • User friendly - Ultra thin aluminum case, lightweight and well designed cooling system

  • Wireless control - Wireless controls and support 3G,4G signal, group control available

  • Easy power - Very stable power supply system,connect with the car directly

  • Media player - can disply video, pictures or text; ideal tool for city movable advertising


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